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And then fashion saved the day...

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I am usually quite overwhelmed. I rise early. I stay up late. I hustle and bustle to get it all done. I have a hectic schedule - filled with meetings, more meetings, more and more meetings, a few conference calls, a rushed venture on lunch to pick up a gift for my friends' baby shower from a registry that's sold out of all of the "cute" selections, dentist appointments, the occasional blood test, a catch up call with Mom, grabbing that dress from the dry cleaners that I forgot to pick up 2 months ago - and a skype date with my bestie, who's also my cousin, and like me - maintains a schedule where every minute is spoken for.

This being said - I made a grand effort, to ensure, that no matter what, I look (somewhat) stylish.

Amongst a few tips, that I will share in future posts - this is my "go to" solution for not looking like a hot mess, even on the August long weekend, when humidity proves once again, that it is not your friend.

Here goes:

I have a "save the day" kit. Actually, I have three. I have one in my car, another in my office, and another in my room. What's in the kit? All of the save the day fashion must haves to help someone like me, with major time management issues, save the day (or my style).

My kit contents:

Black dress, flowy, fabric that does not wrinkle easily (for obviously reasons)

Opague black tights (in case I forget to shave, or it's winter, or both)

Spanx (to suck it all in)

Undergarments (keeping things fresh)

Clear deodarant

Dry Shampoo

Small perfume sampler spray (thank you Sephora!!!)

Static Guard

Hair Spray

Tooth Brush

Tooth Paste


Hair elastics


Nail polish remover

Nail polish

Nail file

Costume stud earrings

Black heels (and/or flats)

Safety pins

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