• Kimberley Gadwah

Supporting your boss like a boss (PAs)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If your boss depends on you for everything from coffee to travel plans to dentist appointments, then you’ll want to make your work as easy as possible and add value to your service. If you work with someone who’s always wondering where their favorite shirt is (dry cleaner), where their sweater is (coat closet) or where you left your boat shoes (vacation home) then organization is clearly the key to success.

Organizing a closet is one thing, but keeping track of items in the closet or across multiple closets, is another task. helps you take this effort to a digital front for you and your boss, to track with ease. It will require some set up in the beginning, but rest assured that your hard work will make preparation for a major event, packing for a trip or spring cleaning an easier task. Also, should anything unforeseen happen to clothes, jewelry or electronics, you’ll show up as a saving grace with a digital copy of your boss’ inventory and any connected warranties.

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