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Street Style and luxury brands - investment worthy?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

As with most things in fashion, everything comes back around. And at a time when luxury brands are seeking to have more street appeal in the form of street style and unique wear, bold branding has once again made its mark on the runways and roadways alike. It used to be all the rage to have brand names flagged on your shirt or belt or purse, and now it’s back. But what does that mean for all of your older luxury items you’ve invested in, and the items you purchase this season. Are those now passé?

On the contrary, those items too will one day have a glorious return. But the key is keeping them in good condition, and being particular about the pieces you buy so you'll rarely every question whether or not it was a good buy. Some things to consider when buying big tickets item are, are they unique in style and character? Do your bags, shoes, coats, furniture pieces, art, etc. tell a story of its time? Do you keep the necessary documentation as proof of its authenticity? These key things are necessary when thinking of purchasing and then, or protecting your material investments.

And if you do ever find yourself rethinking a purchase more than a few times, sites like Rebag, ThreadUp, and Poshmark, make reselling easy. Reselling is no longer a weird and funky thing people do on EBay, it's so far into mainstream, that it's become a business for many and a side hustle for others. Folks are selling and buying previously owned items more than ever. So, if you’re looking to off-load an unwanted item, that's in pretty good condition while also pocketing a little extra cash, swap out some things that are rarely worn or used, sites like these will help you find a new home for your goods.

Another thing that street style has done is raise the bar on vintage and unique (1 of 1) items. The interest in “vintage” items has never been higher. Keep in mind that, older luxury items often fetch a higher price, hence the emphasis on making an investment when thinking of buying a luxury bag, shoe, art, or anything like that. It’s important to do your research and know the worth of your items, and to document the date purchased, price, and l.

I use INVY to upload all of my important purchases, and some not so important, just so I know what’s there. It allows me to upload photos, price, and other notes that may be useful in the future, for resale or even insurance reasons. Here, I can see all that I own, organize it and keep the important details accessible for when I’m ready to insure it or let it go.

Vintage is so fetch right now, so make sure your items are well accounted for.

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