• Taryn Burns

Group trips & Instagrammable ready?!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Summer time puts us all in the mood to find a beach and get some shenanigans going. It’s about that time of year to plan a group trip. In the group there’s always the one person who organizes the activities and has a full itinerary for each day. Then, there are the friends who don’t pay attention until last minute. This last minute focus also means last minute packing. You’ll get the midnight text some day that week with one person asking what’s the plan and what is everyone wearing. And don’t forget the group picture! The itinerary may include a white dinner party or boat party or some other themed activity that you need to prepare for.

At this point, the easy thing to do is to turn over your closet to your girlfriend to make sure you’ve covered all the basics for the travel plans. If you’re like me and planning the trip with friends from across the country, then you don’t have the benefit of having a packing night over wine. Now, your friends across the country can still have their input to make sure you’re wearing the right shade of blue for that marina photo. Using the INVY app, you can give your friends access to your closet and they can pick which dress will really set it off on those cobbled streets, the bikini that will set off the IG alarms, etc! Because it takes a village.

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