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INVY is a personal inventory application that digitizes consumer’s purchases to help them organize, share, and easily recirculate (resell or recycle) items they no longer want or need. 

The platform was created to honor individual styles while simultaneously creating a structure of sustainability and circular economics built into everyday life and consumption. With the use of digital inventory, we can replicate the consumer purchase transactions in a meaningful way, creating personalized retail experiences and post-purchase management solutions to more effectively manage our things from the point of purchase to resale. 

Our founder, Shana is passionate about clean-tech, especially for communities of color. As a young child, growing up in the inner city of Washington DC, she felt firsthand the effects of climate change in her community. And though she loves fashion and innovative home design, she strives to be a responsible consumer who helps to preserve our environment and ecosystems - a we can do that by creating a more circular economy.


INVY is here to rise to the challenge!  

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